New FBI Director To Be Announced as Soon as Thursday, Maybe Joe Lieberman?

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After President Trump’s long awaited (by both his fan-base and DEMs alike) dismissal of James Comey, we just got word that a new FBI chief may be announced as soon as Thursday and according to sources familiar with the matter, the new boss could be Joe Lieberman.

President Trump’s WH Press Secretary Sean Spicer, whose job is also hanging by a thread by the way, told news reporters on Wednesday that former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman sits pretty high on the POTUS’ short list, i.e. he may very well be the next guy to lead the FBI.

The Donald met on Wednesday with multiple candidates, including former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, Richard McFeely (a former FBI high official) and the current FBI Director Andrew McCabe.

Sean Spicer told reporters during a short briefing while on route to DC  on Air Force One that:

“the president will continue to meet with candidates for FBI director.”

Joe Lieberman is regarded as an independent and he declined to comment when asked if he would accept President Trump’s job offer.

“It was unexpected. Not something I was seeking,”

The former Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman was Connecticut’s Attorney General before being elected to the US Senate back in 1988 and in 2000 he was the Democratic Party’s nominee for VP. Basically, Joe Lieberman is a formed DEM turned independent and a very interesting choice for FBI boss if he accepts the nomination. I would like to see DEMs protesting this guy…

President Trump told reporters that he will name the new FBI direct as soon as possible, promising a fast decision and thinking that the process will move quickly, as expected. Speaking of new potential FBI leaders, the POTUS has said:

Almost all of them are very well-known; they’ve been vetted over their lifetime, essentially .But very well-known, highly respected, really talented people and that’s what we want for the FBI.