New Report Reveals the Staggering Cost of Illegal Immigration: $135 Billion per Year!

real cost of illegal immigration

According to a report that examined the total fiscal cost of supporting illegal immigrants and their children, the bill supported by the American taxpayer stands at $135 billion per year. This is the true cost of illegal immigration in the United States  and to put things into perspective, the taxes illegal aliens pay to federal, state and local treasuries stand at $19 billion every year, which means the American taxpayer takes a hit of at least $116 billion each year.

The latest report compiled by the Federation for American Immigration Reform puts an end to the myth pedaled by the leftist mainstream media and illegal immigration advocates, which claims that illegal immigrants are contributing big-time (net contributors and all that) to the society by paying taxes through the nose and all that nonsense. The skyrocketing population of illegal aliens, including their kids, is hitting hard the American taxpayer, due to the immense costs of free education, free healthcare and, very importantly, the gargantuan law enforcement bill. There’s nothing free in this world, that if you’re not a Bernie supporter living in Utopia.

States and local governments are taking the biggest hit from the costs of illegal immigration, getting the short end of the stick, as they’re forced to pay $88 billion bill every year. The Feds are getting off easy by comparison, having to support a “mere” $45 billion in costs for illegal aliens.

The POTUS together with Attorney General Jeff Sessions supported by Conservatives in the Congress are trying to mitigate the problem by moving aggressively  to deal with illegal immigration/illegals, especially those with criminal records, yet they’re fought tooth and nail by the leftist establishment and the ~300 sanctuary communities, that refuse to help federal law enforcement officers.

The American taxpayer spends $8,075 on average for each of the over 12,500,000 illegal aliens and their 4,200,000 citizen children (official figures). The costs include $23 billion for law enforcement, $29 billion in medical care, $46 billion for education and $9 billion in welfare. Basically, the costs of illegal immigration outweigh the taxes paid by the same immigrants by a ratio of 7 to 1 every year (and growing): $135 billion in costs vs $19 billion  in tax revenues.

If you ask me, the $135 Billion figure is a joke because it is based on the estimate of 11 or 12 million illegal aliens in the nation.

Ann Coulter’s book: “Adios America” shows that a closer estimate of the amount of illegals in this country is in excess of 30 million, adding that this so-called “11 million” number has been used for 20 years. She tried to get estimates of illegal criminals in our prison system though found that many states refused to allow those figures to go public!

Illegal immigration followed by amnesty is just a scam to import votes by the trainful, drive down wages and drive up the cost of everything else. And how many years has this train been running ?

Solution? Stop giving them free healthcare, education and food and many will go home where they belong, also known as self-deporting. Our government programs are a magnet that attracts illegals and they stay for the same reasons. You can’t have open borders and a welfare state in the same time, it’s suicidal.