New Study Reveals 66% of Americans Perceive Mainstream Media as Fake News

fake news

Yes, you got that right, it’s now official: according to a new study, two thirds or 66% of Americans are now taking President Trump’s words for granted. Do you remember The Donald’s historic expression “very fake news” with regard to CNN?

Well, according to a Harvard University study following the incredibly hostile media coverage of President Trump, now a vast majority of Americans are rightfully consider the mainstream media to be a total joke. Or fake news, take your pick.

As I outlined in a previous article about why Trump’s media strategy is failing, today’s study reconfirms my previous assertions: The Donald should forget about the red herrings and nothing burgers made up news stories pedaled by Jeff Bezos’ blog or Carl Slim’s paper and instead he should focus on setting his own agenda. I mean, no one is taking the MSM seriously and least of all his supporters.

Getting back to our news story, the Harvard University study basically confirms the corporate media is the real opposition party and,more dramatically put, an enemy of the American people. Why? That’s an easy one: Trump entered the White House riding a wave of enthusiasm following his campaign promises. You know, the border wall with Mexico, an end to illegal immigration, jobs, tax cuts and everything that he’s currently trying to do, facing an enormous opposition from the DEM’s lapdog media and RINOs in his own party. Though, truth be told, Trump is not a Republican per se, but let that go.

The vast majority of the MSM is now seen as just another brick in the wall that it’s dividing our country on partisan issues. And the good news is that Americans on both parts of the political spectrum are getting wise on the fact that the corporate media is into fake news/yellow journalism racket, i.e. 80 percent of REPs, 53% of DEMs(!!!) and 60 percent of independents all share the aforementioned opinion about the MSM. Which is great.