New York City Will Pay $16 Millions of Taxpayer’s Money in Lawyer Fees for Illegal Immigrants

New York City subway crumbling

While New York City’s subway is crumbling (some residents joke about subways being held together with zip ties), the left wing Mayor and illegal immigrants aficionado Bill De Blasio spends millions upon millions of dollars of taxpayer’s money on lawyers’ fees as they’re defending illegal immigrants  in the Big Apple now transformed into the world’s biggest sanctuary city.

The problem with New York’s crumbling infrastructure is that bad, the New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo actually declared a state of emergency. Regardless, Mayor De Blasio managed to slip in a cool $16 million dollars in his April budget proposal, money destined to pay for illegals’ lawyers’ fees. This move is just another from a broader push on the Mayor’s behalf, aimed at removing any significant distinction between illegal and legal immigrants. The budget is supposed to be finalized this week, yet it arrives at a time when the city commuters are struggling worse than ever due to the city’s crumbling subway infrastructure. There have been reported countless horror stories of commuters being stuck for hours in carriages and delayed trains. Actually, these stories have become the norm lately in the local news.

After a train partially derailed a few days ago, injuring a number of commuters, a state of emergency was declared by Governor Andrew Cuomo, who pledged for more reforms and money to be allocated to help fix the subway system.

The situation is so desperate that zip ties are used for fixing trains/carriages and that’s not a joke either:



New York’s Metro Transportation Authority issued a highly implausible statement following the outcry on social media after the photo above hit the internet. They told the NY Post that what the commuter photographed was just a temporary (and 100% safe) solution until a “special part” for the carriage was manufactured.

“The ties are a back-up way of securing a cable on the subway car. It’s used in conjunction with other fasteners. It’s 100 percent safe and only used on some cars on the #7 line. We have a specially designed bracket that is being engineered and is set to be installed in the next few weeks.”

How in God’s name can the people of New York allow their elected officials to spend taxpayer’s money for ideological purposes is beyond me. Where in the state constitution does it say that a mayor can spend tax payer money to defy Federal Law? There are not enough soda and cigarette taxes in the world to support these $300.00 dollar an hour lawyers.