NKorea Defies World, Prepares ANOTHER Missile Test

kim jong nuclear weapon

North Korea’s latest missile test just proved that both China and the United States have failed with regard to agreeing on a common approach towards the rogue communist regime. The estimated ~100 kiloton (claimed) hydrogen bomb which was tested on Sunday is strong enough to destroy any US city, which means it’s too late for Trump and Xi to take away Kim Jong-un’s atomic paraphernalia.

Considering that the test on Sunday was a successful detonation of a miniaturized variable-yield hydrogen bomb which can be fitted on a long/intermediate range ballistic missile, as per Pyongyang’s claims, it means that North Korea’s military is now capable of hitting US mainland with a devastating nuclear weapon. In Pyongyang’s view, having nuclear capabilities and a method of delivery is a sure way to deter a possible American invasion. Any type of military action against Kim Jong-un may unleash World War 3. President Trump was very blunt with regard to North Korea’s latest nuclear test, as he criticized the policy of appeasement which allowed Kim Jong-un to develop a nuclear arsenal:

To make things even worse, according to a South Korean official, North Korea is preparing another ballistic missile test, this time towards the Pacific ocean. Also, that crazy fat kid Kim vowed to reduce South Korea to ashes after Seoul’s Hyunmu-2 missile drills which were carried out as a response to the Pyongyang’s nuclear test on Sunday.

President Trump suggested a full economic war against any country doing business with the rogue North Korean regime, hinting at China obviously, while his Secretary of Defense James Mattis threatened Pyongyang with total annihilation:

‘Any threat to the United States or its territories including Guam, or our allies, will be met with a massive military response, a response both effective and overwhelming.

‘We are not looking to the total annihilation of a country – namely North Korea, but as I said, we have many options to do so.’


Photo: Reuters