NKorea’s Latest Missile Test Hits 60 Miles from Russia, Could Carry Nuke Warhead

Grave Threat to Japan

north korea icbm test

North Korean’s rogue regime fire tested yet another ballistic missile on Sunday morning and according to mainstream media reports, that crazy fat kid Kim Jong-un is currently in a state of paranoia at the news of his latest missile landing just miles from Mother Russia  (60 miles from Vladivostok to be precise).

US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley has commented about the Pyongyang missile test on Sunday:

”You first have to get into Kim Jong-Un‘s head – which is, he’s in a state of paranoia, he’s incredibly concerned about anything and everything around him.”

adding that the US will continue to put pressure on the rogue communist regime in North Korea, speaking about economic sanctions and working closely with Russia and China for defusing the situation.

On Monday morning (local time), North Korea’s propaganda machine bragged about the successful test-launching of an intermediate ballistic missile, which is able to carry/deliver a nuclear warhead according to military experts.

And that means Japan is in the cross-hairs. The NKorean missile flew 700 kilometers/430 miles at a maximum altitude of 2000 kilometers/1245 miles, which is further/higher than a similar test performed by the Pyongyang regime back in February. However, according to these specs, the respective missile cannot be classified as an ICBM, due to its relatively short-range. An ICBM worthy of its name must have a range of more than 6000 kilometers/3700 miles.

The NKorean state news agency confirmed that Monday’s launch  proved their Hwasong-12 missile is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead and it can hit both Russia and mainland China with ease.




Time is running out on the Chinese to solve the North Korean issue.