‘No More Fake News’ Protests at CNN Headquarters (VIDEO)

CNN protests no more fake news

Fed up Americans gathered in front of CNN’s headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia on Saturday and chanted the now famous slogan “No more fake news”. The POTUS himself described CNN as a very fake news outlet on a number of occasions, to the immense delight of his supporters, leaving the MSM in complete shock and awe. This time, the POTUS’ supporters seem to be fed up with the pervasive anti-Trump propaganda which is pushed 24/7 by the very fake news outlet and decided to to something about it.


Those people don’t know how to protest, you can see their faces, and not a one of them are smashing store windows and looting.

Joking aside, CNN was hit hard by ordinary Trump supporters and patriots on alternative media/social media for their around the clock anti Trump propaganda and their continuous pedaling of Russian-collusion conspiracy theories. Moreover, let’s remember Project Veritas, the latest bastion of true journalism left in the US apparently, as they’ve recently dropped a number of bombshell undercover recordings exposing the news network’s incredible bias.

Let’s remember the very  recent Project Veritas video released in June, where a CNN producer (John Bonifield) admits that the whole Trump Russia collusion conspiracy theory is bullshit, but CNN continues pushing the narrative for ratings. Moreover, Bonifield claims on tape that CNN’s boss Jeff Zucker instructed his staff they should get back to the Russia conspiracy story as soon as possible after a change in the news cycle, because he seems to believe this is a ratings winner for the network.

The CNN producer basically laughed at the concept of journalistic integrity/ethical responsibility, saying that everything is a business and CNN must do whatever it takes to make money, public be damned.

The second Project Veritas video shows one of CNN’s political commentators (Van Jones) acknowledging that the Russia narrative is a nothing burger, while the third one depicts  CNN Associate Producer Jimmy Carr calling American voters to be stupid as shit. He also said about Kellyanne Conway that, let me quote:

“she looks like she got hit with a shovel”.