North Korea After U.S. Missile Attack on Syria: We Were Right to Develop Nuclear Weapons

North Korea called the U.S. missile attack on Syrian air base ‘an unforgivable act of aggression’

North Korea said on Saturday U.S. missile strikes against a Syrian airfield on Friday were “an unforgivable act of aggression”. The regime in Pyongyang said that the U.S. attack on Syria showed its decision to develop nuclear weapons was “the right choice a million times over”.

“The U.S. missile attack against Syria is a clear and unforgivable act of aggression against a sovereign state and we strongly condemn this,” KCNA quoted an unnamed spokesman for the North Korean foreign ministry as saying.

“The reality of today proves our decision to strengthen our military power to stand against force with force was the right choice a million times over,” KCNA said.

In some circles, Trump’s missile attack on Syria has been interpreted as a clear message to North Korea and its Chinese ally. The U.S. attack on Syrian air base was carried out at a time when Chinese President, Xi Jinping, was on an official visit to United States.

Jinping met with U.S. President Donald Trump in Florida. The two leaders discussed the issue of North Korea’s nuclear program. Tensions between North Korea and its southern neighbor remain high.

Source: Reuters