North Korea Begins 2018 by Threatening US With Nuclear War

north korea warns US nuclear war

The rogue Pyongyang regime chose to start the new year with a stark warning to the US. North Korea’s dictator, the young and restless Kim Jong-un announced triumphantly during his official New Year Address to his nation that the entire mainland US is now within range of Pyongyang’s nukes.

That crazy fat kid declared on Monday that he has a button on his office desk which can be used at any time for launching a terrible nuclear attack against the United States. As per Yonhap News Agency:

“The entire United States is within range of our nuclear weapons, and a nuclear button is always on my desk. This is reality, not a threat. We have secured powerful deterrence against the nuclear threat from the U.S.”

However, Kim Jong-un left open the door of diplomacy, by adding that his country is peace loving and responsible with regard to its nuclear capabilities, asking for a deescalation of tensions between North and South Korea:

“When it comes to North-South relations, we should lower the military tensions on the Korean Peninsula to create a peaceful environment,” Kim said. “Both the North and the South should make efforts. North Korea’s participation in the Winter Games will be a good opportunity to showcase the national pride and we wish the Games will be a success. Officials from the two Koreas may urgently meet to discuss the possibility.”

South Korea’s officials welcomed Pyongyang’s offer to hold talks in regard to North Korea’s participation at the  the Pyeongchang Games, as the spokesman for the presidential Blue House stated:

“We have always stated our willingness to talk with North Korea any time and anywhere if that would help restore inter-Korean relations and lead to peace on the Korean peninsula. We hope the two Koreas will sit down and find a solution to lower tensions and establish peace on the Korean peninsula.”

North Korea tested at least 5 ballistic missiles last year, including a hydrogen bomb and 2 never seen ICBMs, which are believed to be capable of striking mainland US. The dear leader Kim Jong-un announced that North Korea is moving towards mass production of missiles and nuclear weapons, thus finding new ways to threaten its neighbors, with the cherry on top now being the United States itself.

And there you have it: this is the result of all those years of UN “resolutions”, appeasement diplomacy, and collective burying of heads in sand. Kim has now come to a point where he doesn’t even have to take action, but merely threaten to do so. And what will the UN and all those nanny nations do now?

Neville Chamberlain took that same position prior to the start of War World 2: avoid a fight, no matter the cost. In his case, he sacrificed an entire country, which in his view was an acceptable price for what he thought would be “peace for our time”. And look how that turned out.