North Korea Claims Technological Breakthrough in Missile Technology, Warns of Bigger Gift Package for US

north korea kim jong un

Following their latest ballistic missile launch on Monday, the minions of that crazy fat kid (Kim Jong Un) are now boasting that they’ve achieved a technological breakthrough in missile technology. Regular readers, if I have one, already know that we here at regard all that North Korea situation as a nice piece of Kabuki theater, i.e. it’s all saber rattling and posing, all show but no go, but let that one go.

Pyongyang’s third ballistic missile launch in so many weeks seems to threaten especially South Korea and Japan, with the rogue Pyongyang regime now claiming  that their short range ballistic missile fired yesterday was developed for a quicker launching process and it’s more precise, due to its latest gen control guidance system, which allows it to zero in within twenty three feet or seven meters of a designated target.

If North Korea’s claims are true, which we highly doubt, North Korea’s military capabilities are getting more and more scary. Military analysts and TV talking heads are now mentioning their newly designed launch vehicle which now allows for a solid fuel missile to get airborne with virtually zero preparation time prior to launch.

The missile launched on Monday from Wonsan area reached an altitude of 75 miles before splashing onto the Sea of Japan 280 miles and six minutes later. The Donald went on to Twitter and condemned North Korea’s latest provocation while delicately trolling China:




After their latest missile test, North Koreans warned Donald Trump of a “bigger gift package” via dear leader  Kim Jong un, who said, let me quote:
 expressed the conviction that it would make a greater leap forward in this spirit to send a bigger ‘gift package’ to the Yankees”

What’s very funny from a conservative’s point of view is that the election of Donald J. Trump has certainly had some remarkable consequences, among the most notable being the transformation of DEM/progressive appeasers into impatient military neo-con-like Hawks. We are barely 100 days into the new administration, and former Barry Obama apologists are now demanding quick and decisive action from Trump’s administration on North Korea. The same people silently countenanced Obama’s disastrous withdrawal from Iraq  and barely noticed Obama’s cowardly failure to support the Ukrainians, while they cheered a so called deal with Iran which guaranteed the ayatollahs a sure path to nuclearization .

Suddenly, they are vociferous critics of a president who barely had time to warm the seat in the Oval Office. We may ask them to give the man a chance. But it is clear they have no intention to do so.

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