North Korea Conducts Rare Blackout Exercises, Mass Evacuation Drills

north korea war drills

According to a report from NK News citing multiple sources, a rare mass evacuation/blackout drill took place last week in North Korea. Even if Pyongyang itself doesn’t seem to be preparing for war, smaller cities on the eastern coast of North Korea saw blackout/mass evacuation drills, which are extremely rare in the hermit kingdom.

NK News cited a retired South Korean army 3 star lieutenant general, Chun In-bum respectively, who was quoted as saying:

“I have never heard of this type of training exercises before in North Korea, but am not surprised. They must realize how serious the situation is.”

Another confidential source for NK News with deep knowledge on Pyongyang affairs confirmed the gravity of the situation:

“I have never heard of evacuation exercises happening before. There used to be air raid drills in 2003, but not since then. A mass evacuation would be impossible not to notice.”

It’s interesting to observe that the United States is also staging an extremely rare war exercise in the Korean Peninsula in the next few weeks, an exercise which involves no less than 3 US Navy aircraft carriers. The US Navy drills coincide with President Trump’s visit to Japan, South Korea and China in November.

However, the Pentagon insisted  that the US Navy amassing three aircraft carriers in the region is not a provocation, nor a response aimed at further raising tensions over North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. According to North Korea’s state owned media on Friday, the US is making “criminal moves for igniting a war of aggression,” end quote.

North Korea’s activities (war-drills) suggest that the rogue communist regime is preparing for a military response from the US in the eventuality of another ICBM missile launch/ nuclear test, as such a move may be viewed by the US government as an attack on the homeland.