North Korea Defector Claims War is ‘Unavoidable’

Song Byeok

Popular wisdom says that there are two unavoidable things in life: death and taxes. However, according to a North Korean defector, there’s a third inevitable thing to put on the short list, and that would be an all out shooting war with the Hermit Kingdom ruled with an iron hand by that crazy fat kid Kim Jong Un.

In an exclusive and sort of unique interview, a North Korean defector named Song Byeok claims that regime change should be forced by the US and its allies, yet freedom comes at a price. Basically, Song Byeok says that a shooting war with the Pyongyang regime is now inevitable, but it would be worth freeing the 25 million starving North Koreans.

One of the very interesting points the defector makes is that despite the immense propaganda machine, many North Koreans would refuse to fight in a war for defending Kim Jong Un’s despotic and criminal regime, and that’s quite understandable and even plausible.

Mr.  Song Byeok asked President Trump specifically to try and help removing the Pyongyang regime by force. Prior to his “departure” in 2002,  Song Byeok worked as a propaganda artist in NKorea. Now, seeing all that posturing, i.e. the armada of American, Japanese and South Korean warships, men and gear amassed on the doorstep of North Korea,  Song Byeok believes that a war with the crazy dictatorship would be a small price to pay for bringing stability, prosperity and peace back to his homeland.

Stating the obvious,  Song Byeok told the journalists that Kim Jong Un will never step down without being forced to do so, because the North Korean apparatchiks are well aware of the fact they would be burnt at a stake by their own populace if they ever find out they’ve been lied their entire lives about the “decadent” West and and all that jazz.

However, the Internet is already changing people’s perception, even inside the isolated North Korea, making them aware of the fact that the world “outside” is very different from what the Pyongyang propaganda claims to be.  Song Byeok decided to defect in 2002 after watching  some of his family members starve to death during the 1990’s great famine, when the Pyongyang refused UN aid, leading to mass starvation (between 1 and 2 million people starved to death, i.e. 10% of the population).

When asked about the crazy fat kid’s intentions, Song Byeok said:

‘Of course I am worried. Kim Jong-un is very young, in his 30s, and his character is very unpredictable. We don’t know what he is going to do.I worry that he will attack and another Korea War, the same thing that happened in the Eighties, will happen all over again and many people will lose their lives.Every piece of my work is made for North Korean people to share my message to the world and I hope my works will contribute to topple the regime. I am sure the dictatorship will end within my lifetime.’