North Korea Missile Launch Fails

According to South Korea’s military, North Korea tried to launch a ballistic missile on its East Coast and it failed miserably. The Pyongyang regime held a military parade on Saturday as a show of force and until now, it conducted at least 5 nuclear test and a number of missile launches.

A high South Korean official said that North Korea tried to launch an unidentified type of missile on Sunday and it failed in its attempt. The launch was detected in North Korea’s eastern port of Sinpo.

South Korea’s intelligence agencies are investigating the incident for providing the world with further details as the tensions in the Korean peninsula are at all times high.

The crazy fat kid’s regime (that’s Kim Jong-un in the immortal words of political relic John McCaine) celebrated Kim Il-Sung’s 105 anniversary of its birth with a huge military parade in the country’s capital Pyongyang. Kim Il-Sung is the founder of the despotic communist dynasty in North Korea and he’s venerated like some sort of a deity.

It was widely believed that Kim Jong-un will order a nuclear test on Sunday but until now, all we have is the failed missile launch.

Many stand in awe as Saturday came and went sans any type of provocation from North Korea on the country’s biggest national holiday, thus many speculated that Kim Jong-Un had learned his lesson. However, judging from South Korea’s claims, not only did the crazy fat kid not learn his lesson, but he failed at being defiant, which is kind of humiliating for “dear leader”.

A US official said for CBS News that the failed launch was not an ICBM, which the Pyongyang regime claims to have but has never tested successfully.

Stay tuned for more news.