North Korea Nuke Site Buzzes With Activity, ‘Great War’ Coming

USS Carl Vinson

After a detailed analysis of satellite imagery showed a perplexing (literal) volley ball activity at North Korea’s nuclear test site, now it seems like it’s business as usual again, i.e. the Pyongyang regime has resumed the “regular work”, which indicates that a nuclear test may be imminent.

nuke test

The general wisdom in the intel community suggested that the crazy fat kid Kim Jong-un will order the testing of a nuke at the respective site on April 15th, which marked the birthday of his grandfather and founder of North Korea.

However, April 15th came and went without a big nuclear show, with Kim Jong-un celebrating Sun Day with a military parade in Pyongyang instead. During the parade, Kim Jong-un boasted its latest fleet of long-range ballistic missiles which may be capable of delivering a nuke as far as Japan and Okinawa, not to mention Seoul.

Last Sunday, North Korea attempted a missile test, which failed miserably, yet there’s another major holiday incoming next week: the 85th anniversary of the birth of DPRK’s People’s Army, an occasion used by the Pyongyang regime as an excuse to show off its military prowess regularly.

And yes, you’ve guessed it correctly, now analysts are fearing that North Korea is prepping a subterranean nuclear test to celebrate the aforementioned event. The thing is, a nuclear test would be perceived by the West and especially by the US as an act of defiance, which would come after President Trump put Kim Jong-un on notice, not to mention VP Pence’s warnings against North Korea on Monday, during his Seoul visit.

And to make things even more dramatic, the Pyongyang regime has promised to fight the US tooth and nail in a “great war”, basically threatening with nuclear Armageddon while The Donald’s powerful armada led by the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier is approaching the Korean peninsula.

The strike group will arrive in the Sea of Japan sometime next week while bellicose rhetoric continues, with the rogue Pyongyang regime threatening with an impeding great war.

The $64,000 question is who will blink first and lose face, The Donald or that crazy fat kid? As the DPRK state-media puts it, they seem to be ready to roll, all in:

“If the US provokes the DPRK even a bit, its army and people will start a great war of justice for national reunification without hesitation.

“Noting that the U.S. warmongers hysterically try to ignite a war by mobilizing nuclear strategic assets without any measure to deal with the consequences to be entailed.

“The U.S. has now gone seriously mad. It is mulling frightening the DPRK and achieving something with nuclear strategic bombers, nuclear carriers, etc.

“However, the army and people of the DPRK will never be browbeaten by such bluffing

Both China and Russia have deployed military forces and equipment at their land border with North Korea, with Japan and South Korea also  gearing up for military conflict.

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Photo:  CreditDigitalGlobe/38 North, via Getty Images