North Korea ‘one step away’ From Launching Nuke That Can Hit America

norht korea icbm

According to a US expert, the rogue regime of North Korea is now in the final stages of achieving nuclear ICBM capabilities. Or, to use the parlance of our guy, the Pyongyang is one step away from launching a nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile that is able to hit US mainland.

The dire warning doesn’t help a bit when it comes to calming the already tensed diplomatic conflict between North Korea and basically the rest of the world. As the crazy fat kid Kim Jong-un is frantically working at ramping up his ambitious weapons program, a top US expert now claims that North Korea’s military is very close to achieve every dictator’s dream: to be able to nuke the imperialist Satan of our times, which obviously is the land of the free, home of the brave, the US for short.

The American expert who makes a living from analyzing North Korea’s military capabilities, Jeffrey Lewis respectively, believes that the only obstacle which remains to be conquered by the North Korean scientists is to develop a nuclear warhead that is capable of withstanding the extreme heat encountered upon re-entering into the Earth’s atmosphere.

Jeffrey Lewis has said that it’s an almost certainty that North Korea is capable of miniaturizing a nuclear warhead in order to fit an ICBM. The question is if the respective nuclear warhead will be able to survive the extreme temperatures, vibration and shock that would experience upon re-entering Earth’s atmosphere after being shot into space on an intercontinental trajectory:

“The warhead fitted to the Hwasong-12 experienced heat loads similar to those of an ICBM (although for a shorter period of time) and survived.

“Separately, North Korea has published images of an apparently successful ground test of a re-entry vehicle last year.”

claimed the US expert. Even is some are saying that Kim Jong Un’s weapon program is vastly overrated, Jeffrey Lewis seems to believe that the rogue communist dictatorship may soon knock on the US door so to speak via its new (potentially nuclear) ICBMs. The US expert wisely added:

 “Similar doubts were expressed about China’s nuclear warheads in the 1960s, prompting China’s leaders to arm a missile with a live nuclear weapon and launch it across the country to dispel any lingering doubts. Fortunately, North Korea has not chosen to take such a step.”