North Korea Pops More Missiles Into East Sea

north korea icbm

According to South Korea’s news agency Yonhap, the rogue communist regime in North Korea just popped a number of unidentified missiles into the East Sea on Saturday morning. Early military/analyst reports regard the projectiles to be short range missiles.

The North Korean military fired the alleged short range missiles at approximately 6.49am on Saturday morning from near Gitdaeryong in Gangwon Province according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The missiles flew more than 250 kilometers/155 miles in the North-Eastern direction, but as I’m writing this piece,the data is still analyzed by both the US and South Korean militaries.

The incident was immediately reported to the South Korean President Moon Jae-in, added the Joint Chiefs of Staff.



According to a recent Reuters report, the United States military Pacific Command detected three short range North Korean ICBM launches.  ABC confirmed the report via Yonhap, and it looks like that crazy fat kid is off his meds again, as after going for almost a month without an ICBM test, a move which some analysts had interpreted as an indication that President Trump’s hard-ball policy is working, now he’s done it again. A statement from South Korea’s Chiefs of Staff reads:

“Our military is closely monitoring for North Korean additional provocation and strengthened surveillance and security postures and maintaining readiness postures,”

Pyongyang’s dear leader Kim Jong-un has provoked and openly defied the US and President Trump once again, before the entire world. Now, the ball is in Trump’s court and a lack of reaction from the US military would be perceived by North Korea as a sign of great weakness, which makes for a big problem in this game of chicken between (potentially) two nuclear-armed countries.