North Korea Ready For All-Out war

North Korean embassy in Russia says the country is ready for all-out war if U.S. starts it

Tensions on the Korean peninsula are running high, following Pyongyang’s nuclear tests and ballistic missile launches conducted in violation of UN Security Council’s resolutions.

The regime in Pyongyang has repeatedly expressed the willingness to strike back at the U.S. and its allies in case of an attack against its forces.

North Korean embassy to Russia said that the country is ready for all-out war if U.S. starts it.

If they [the US] commit a reckless provocation, the Korean Revolutionary Forces will deal a devastating blow and respond with an all-out war to an all-out war, respond to a nuclear war with a nuclear strike, an attache of the North Korean Embassy Moscow said.

Earlier, North Korea has announced that it is ready to launch a preemptive strike in case of U.S. provocation. The regime of Kim Joung-un said it may target US military bases in Japan, South Korea and the US itself if feels threatened.

North Korea also said on Friday the state of affairs on the Korean peninsula was “extremely perilous” accusing Washington of “madcap (American) nuclear war manoeuvres aimed at trampling on our sovereignty and right to survival.”

China has denied the claims from U.S. military denied that its aircraft were on an increased level of alert, while a Kremlin spokesman declined to comment on media reports Russia was moving military hardware and troops towards the border with North Korea.

“Now that we possess mighty nuclear power to protect ourselves from U.S. nuclear threat, we will respond without the slightest hesitation to full-out war with full-out war and to nuclear war with our style of nuclear strike, and we will emerge victor in the final battle with the United States.”

North Korean foreign ministry said in a statement.

Source: Sputnik