North Korea Tests Ballistic Missile That Could Reach Alaska

north korea icbm

The highly unpredictable communist regime from Pyongyang launched another (claimed) intercontinental ballistic missile on Tuesday. According to North Korean sources, the test was a complete success and it makes for a big step forward in the country’s quest to develop a nuclear capable ICBM that can hit the United States.

The alleged ICBM landed somewhere in the Sea of Japan and Japanese authorities claim the rocket actually crushed in the EEZ, which makes for Japan’s exclusive economic zone, yet no damage was reported. ICBM’s have a range of over 5500 kilometers/3500 miles and according to South Korea’s president Moon Jae-In, let me quote:

“The initial analysis by South Korean and the U.S. authorities is assuming that today’s provocation was of a mid-to-long range missile, but we are not ruling out the possibility of the missile being ICBM class. If the missile indeed was an ICBM type, we will seek relevant response,”

It appears like Western leaders are still skeptical with regard to North Korea’s ICBM/nuclear capabilities, despite Pyongyang’s regime claim to have achieved the aforementioned technical accomplishments. However, if the missile will prove to have been a real ICBM, South Korea and Japan are ready to respond firmly using any means necessary, including diplomacy and economic sanctions.

The North Korean state-owned news agency KCNA confirmed the successful test on Tuesday was performed using a Hwasong-14 missile, described as an almighty ICBM rocket. The Hwasong-14 reached an altitude of 2082 kilometers and it was launched on a steep trajectory, traveling 930 kilometers/578 miles before crashing in the Sea of Japan. Dear leader Kim Jong-Un, the crazy fat kid who is best friends with Dennis Rodman watched the whole show while being personally on site and boasted triumphantly its “declared glorious success throughout the world” end quote.

South Korea’s president called an emergency National Security Meeting in the aftermath of the ICBM test, trying to assess the country’s defense readiness. A Japanese government official was quotes as saying about the incident:

“Today’s ballistic missile launch was an extremely problematic act and at the same time a clear violation of the Security Council resolution. We cannot condone these repeated acts of provocation from North Korea and we have lodge our fierce complaint to the North Koreans,”

The alleged ICBM was tracked by the US Pacific Command for 37 minutes and a military official commented that the projectile was not an actual ICBM but an intermediate range ballistic missile. It is yet unclear how President Trump will react to North Korea’s latest act of defiance. Let’s see  what the POTUS had to say about the Pyongyang regime’s nuclear ambitions:










Photo STR | AFP | Getty Images