North Korea Threatens With ‘Preemptive’ Guam Nuke-Strike!

north korea preemptive nuke strike

According to North Korea’s military officials, the rogue regime is seriously considering a nuclear preemptive strike on Guam. The report is citing North Korea’s state media which said on Wednesday about the country’s military “carefully examining” the possibility of striking Guam, a US Pacific territory by using ICBMs/missiles.

The threat comes in a matter of hours after President Donald Trump told the Pyongyang regime that any further threat against to the US will be met with fire and fury. For further reference, read this: Trump Threatenes To Deploy Fire and Fury Against North Korea.

According to an official statement via KCNA, North Korea’s state-owned news agency quoting a spokesman for the Korea’s People Army, the strike plan will be executed as soon possible, provided the dear leader Kim Jong-un gives the order. Also, in a different statement citing another official spokesman for the North Korea military, the Pyongyang claimed it may carry out a preemptive nuke strike against Guam if the US shows the now proverbial signs of provocation, whatever that means.

This is not the first time North Korea threatens the United States with a nuclear first strike. Earlier, North Korean officials warned Washington about giving the US military a severe lesson using their strategic nuclear paraphernalia in response to any provocation/military action.

In poker, this is called to call one’s bluff with a bigger bluff. And it’s obvious that with both Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un seeming to be determined to keep upping the ante and escalating the conflict until the adversary folds, this is not going to end well, as military conflict now seems inevitable.