North Korea TV Runs Video Showing Missiles Blowing Up USA

Just one day after a massive military parade in Pyongyang, North Korea’s capital, the country’s state owned TV put on a grandiose music show to celebrate Kim Il Sung’s birthday, which ended up with a fake video of nuclear missiles blowing up the United States.

Kim Il Sung is the crazy fat kid’s grandfather and the founder of North Korea. Kim Jong-un is his elder grandson and he attended the choral performance on Sunday, which was followed by footage of North Korea’s test firing of a cruise missile back in February. The video detailed how the respective test fire was soon followed by other missiles which were passing over the Pacific ocean then exploding in huge balls of flames over North America.

The heroic and hugely optimistic and patriotic video ended triumphantly with a scene of an American flag burning (check out the video here).

The same video footage from KCNA shows dear leader Kim Jong-un smiling happy and waving, congratulating the artists on their great performance. According to North Korea’s military, the February test was successful and now the Pyongyang regime boasts with a new model of medium-long range ballistic missile propelled by a solid fuel engine, the Pukguksong-2 respectively.

Military analysts are currently estimating North Korea’s nuclear arsenal at 10 to 25 nukes, not to mention the country’s huge stockpile of “conventional” weapons, i.e. chemical/biological weapons and cyber-warfare capabilities.

There are also air force jets capable of delivering nukes to South Korea in a matter of minutes, various launch vehicles, artillery and troops, all scattered across the country, and many of them hidden in caves and tunnels massed along the South Korean border.

And with South Korea’s capital Seoul (10 million people) within artillery striking range, any type of war with North Korea would result in devastation and huge loss of life, not to mention economic costs.

Source Reuters

Photo  Ed Jones/AFP via Getty Images