Not a Joke: Buzfeed Asks for Banning Cars from Big Cities After Manhattan Terrorist Attack

buzzfeed asks for cars to be banned

If you’re aware of the “progressive state of mind”, the latest article from Buzzfeed asking for a complete ban on cars in big cities, following the Islamic terrorist attack in New York-Manhattan on November 1st which left 8 people dead and dozens maimed, would come as no surprise. Again, this is not a joke but the glorious idea pedaled in the newly published op-ed from Buzzfeed, which asks no more no less than for a complete and total ban on cars in presumably all big cities all around the US.

Obviously, banning cars in US cities is the right thing to do in progressives’ view, as opposed to common sense measures, such as Trump’s extreme vetting of immigrants from terrorist prone countries (like Uzbekistan), or a better/tighter immigration policy, not to mention a reevaluation of US national security policies. No way, let’s just make cars illegal, this would solve the problem of Islamic terrorism, which has become part and parcel of living in big cities, as per Sadiq Khan, London’s Muslim mayor’s fatwa.

Here’s Buzzfeed’s editor in chief Ben Smith’s insane story on Friday via Twitter:

This guy is also claiming that the automotive industry is a far bigger threat to Americans than Islamic terrorism, not to mention the “plague” of mass shootings, which is a gun problem. See, cars and guns kill people, hence we should ban them both.

Just imagine Hillary would have won the election and would’ve made this guy her adviser…Truth be told, what would you expect from a bunch of low testosterone beta males? However, if you ask me, Buzzfeed’s editor is just pushing  a U.N. Agenda 21 talking point. The globalists want to ban cars from all cities and eventually make them illegal, so the peasants can’t move around like they used to. This is already happening in Europe.