Now ‘Climate Change’ Driving Record SNOWS?

climate change hoax

According to climate research papers published in the journal Scientific Reports on Tuesday, Alaskan mountain range snowfalls have almost doubled since the beginning of the industrial age, and that’s obviously regarded as hard proof that “climate change” (whatever that means) may trigger significant increases in regional precipitation.

The researchers from Dartmouth College, the University of Maine and the University of New Hampshire now claim that modern snowfall levels in Alaska are at historic highs, highest in at least 1200 years respectively (the Earth is 4 billion years old), averaging approximately eighteen feet annually, compared to eight feet per year from 1600-1840. The research was based on ice core sample analysis collected from Mount Hunter in Alaska’s Denali National Park at 13,000 feet. The study seems to claim that man made climate change warmed tropical oceans, which resulted in increased snowfall driven by the strengthening of the northward flow of warm, moist air.

Here’s one of the researchers:

“Everywhere we look in the North Pacific, we’re seeing this same fingerprint from warming tropical oceans. Wintertime climate in the North Pacific is very different than it was 200 years ago.”

“Climate change” has become a self-fulfilling prophesy. Record heat. Record cold. Record drought. Record snow. Anything and everything weather-wise “proves” it. And now it’s “climate change” instead of “global warming”. It looks like some guns-for-hire scientist hired by Obama figured out that climate changes. It’s  hard to argue that kind of stupidity.
Climate “scientists” actually have no idea what a little more CO2 will do to climate. The climate system is far too complex with far too many variables to be able to make any sort of educated guess, let alone be sure what the consequences. However, the Paleoclimatologist can tell us what the Earth looked like when CO2 levels where much higher than today.
Hint: it was green, lush and crawling with all forms of life. Climate change is an inherent characteristic of the history of the earth. Man caused global warming is an international political movement to redistribute wealth. This is not rocket science.
By the way, a solar minimum is about to start soon. Please study the sun’s cycles and end this nonsense about humans causing climate change. Things are about to get very interesting.