Number of Refugee Admissions to United States Cut in Half

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During President Trump’s first three months into office, the number of refugees admitted to the US dropped almost 50% compared to Barack Obama’s last three months as POTUS, reflecting a dramatic change in attitude towards immigration.

According to official Federal statistics released earlier on Friday, during Barry’s last term into office, especially at the very end of his second mandate, more than 25,000 refugees were allowed to enter the United States. During Donald Trump’s first three months, that figure was almost cut in half, standing at 13,000. The information was provided by the State Department and the Department for Homeland Security was in charge of releasing the stats.

However, despite the significant drop in refugee admissions, the countries of origin remained basically unchanged. In both Barack Obama’s last days into office and The Donald’s initial  months, 66 percent of refugees arrived in the United States from 5 main countries: Syria, Congo, Somalia, Iraq and Myanmar. If President Trump’s travel ban would have been enforced( instead of being blocked by various federal courts) to its full extent, refugees from Somalia and Syria would have been denied entry in the United States (the second/revised order omitted Iraq from the list).

In President Trump’s first three months into office, the number of refugees was just 12% smaller compared to the same period of 2016 when Barack Obama was POTUS. Even if The Donald vowed to drastically limit the number of  refugees entering the US (he talked about capping them at 50,000 per year), adverse rulings in Federal courts may very well work against his agenda.

It’s worth mentioning that, according to UN statistics, more than 65 million people were forced to leave their home-countries in 2016, becoming refugees due to deadly wars and/or sectarian conflicts. Most of those 65 million refugees come from nations which were targets of United States intervention, and more than 50% of them were minors. The highest number of refugees in 2016 came from Syria, 12 million, Afghanistan 4,7 million and Iraq 4,2 million.