Number of Registered Lobbyists in DC Drops 14% Under Trump

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If winning means people have more power over the US government compared to what lobbyists do for special interests, the Trump presidency is synonymous to that old slogan “more power to the people”. The thing is, since Donald Trump entered the White House, the number of registered lobbyists in Washington DC plunged, just as per the articles’s title, with 14 percent respectively.

The data was collected by, a non partisan group, and what’s curious is that even if the number of registered lobbyists in DC is dropping sharply, spending is on the up and up, i.e. it is expected to rise with approximately 3% by the end of the current year. Some regard lobbying as a form of legal corruption, as Mark Twain famously said almost two hundred years ago: we have the best government money can buy. Nothing change since, but the number of lobbyists and the power exerted by special interests over Congress.

It’s worth mentioning that the spending record for any president in US history with regard to registered lobbyists reached a peak during Obama’s presidency, averaging 3.3 billion dollars per year. Also, the top lobbyist-money spender in 2016 and most probably in 2017 too is the quintessential globalist institution, the US Chamber of Commerce. Among the biggest lobbying firms we must mention the National Association of Realtors, which spent almost $65 million last year, followed by Blue Cross-Blue Shield,  American Hospital Association, Pharmaceutical Industry and the American Medical Association. These next four big lobbying firms spent over $22,000,000 on average on lobbying in 2016 alone, and that would give you the true answer for which the Congress doesn’t want to repeal/replace Obamacare. There are huge amounts of money for Big Pharma in healthcare, see, subsidies from taxpayer’s monies and all that.

Internet companies and Silicon Valley giants also spent huge amounts of cash on lobbying the US government, with Google/The Alphabet company being the largest spender.

This is a text book lesson on how politicians become millionaires practically overnight.
Lobbyists are the primary source of political wealth during and after political life in DC.One may argue this is the true reason for the Trump impeachment rhetoric, but let that go.

There is an easy way to clear out K-Street. Throw out the tax codes, and bring in a simple flat tax. Everyone pays their fair share, and no more special deals. No more government picking winners and losers. However, the DC establishment also known as the swamp loves all of the money they get from K-Street, so sadly this will never happen.

Photo Illustration: Melanie Stetson Freeman / Staff