NY Dems Push Legislation to Uncover Donald Trump’s Tax Returns

trump tax returns

New York DEMs filed legislation aimed at forcing the state to release Donald Trump’s former tax returns. Obviously, Rachel Maddow’s epic failure from a couple of months ago, when she (illegally) revealed Trump’s tax returns from 2005 (proving that he actually paid a lot of money to the Federal Government instead of their claim that he’s a tax dodger) wasn’t enough for the leftists.

Also, the fact that Donald Trump’s tax returns from 2005 showed that he paid a higher rate than Bernie Sanders or Barack Obama is not enough to satisfy the DEMs thirst for blood. Now, the New York Democrats have concocted a scheme of sorts, aimed at revealing Donald Trump’s tax records, which are secret by the way, by hatching a piece of legislation, a bill that would force the state to reveal 5 years of state-tax data for any US President or VP who files a tax return in New York.

Basically, this bill is custom-made for Donald Trump and it does everything except mentioning the POTUS by name. If passed, the respective piece of legislation would not include all the details from Donald Trump’s federal tax returns, not 100% anyway, but it would provide the general public with a pretty clear picture with regard to the POTUS’ potential conflicts of interest or how his personal finances/his businesses would be affected by his own (proposed) tax cut legislation.

So, the establishment failed to find any dirt on Donald Trump, even after illegally “wiretapping” him  and his team for months, maybe years. They couldn’t find dirt on him with his old tax returns. In fact, old tax returns showed that he paid more taxes and at a higher rate than his critics. The left just proves they have no shame as they’re trying their hardest to destroy Trump’s agenda and hurting America in the process.

This proposed bill is so ridiculous on so many levels, I would be shocked if it passes and is found enforceable. Also,  ex-post facto (after the fact) laws are by definition Unconstitutional (per the USSC) as are laws aimed at individuals (also USSC.)


Source AP