Obama Aide Wishes For Pence, McConnell, Ryan Death

Ben Rhodes wishes for Pence, McConnell, Ryan Death

This is the tolerant left in action: on Tuesday morning, a former Obama aide, deputy national security advisor Ben Rhodes respectively, mused on Twitter about the deaths of top GOP members. However, Steve Scalise’s response completely shut him down in flames. If you don’t remember, Steve Scalise is the Louisiana Senator who was gunned down and severely injured in the June shooting, while he was attending a Congressional baseball practice (yest, there is such a thing).



Rhode’s inflammatory tweet was made in response to his colleague, former Obama White House advisor Dan Pfeiffer respectively, who ironically said:


However, Dan Pfeiffer did not mention what President Trump should/would be indicted for, but that doesn’t matter.

Remember the Obama administration’s “When they go low, we go high”? I always suspected Obama was talking about doing doobies, not intelligent responses to events.

Ben Rhodes made up everything on the Community Organizer’s Iran nuclear deal and he was heavily involved in the unmasking of the Trump transition team; he should be behind bars right now,not on Twitter spewing hateful and dangerous speech. One may ask: So, what is the “news” here? That the entire (Democratic) party continues to incite violence and call for direct violent action, through dog whistles, coded speech and direct open incitement? Must be 2017 all over again!

If you look at the Dems and their lapdog media, their behavior is perfectly consistent with a small child throwing a tantrum. The screaming, the self-regard, the irrational hatred, the name-calling and the drama are all very familiar if you have children.