Obama Schemes Behind Scenes

According to the New York Post, Barack Obama is pretty far from finished with meddling in America’s political life.

When former president Obama declared ingenuously that he felt heartened by anti Trump protests, he basically signaled to his troops that they’re on the right side of history, to use the Marxist jargon of the left.

And if you’re wondering what troops I am talking about, Obama has a true army of agitators, more than 30,000 which will fight the Republicans tooth and nail, literally, in the streets, at every significant turn of Donald Trump’s historic presidency.

Obama himself will lead his clone army from a bunker less than 2 miles from the White House. Obama is not just staying behind in DC but also behind the scenes, setting up some sort of shadow government for protecting his already slipping legacy and, most importantly, for sabotaging as much as he can Trump’s incoming administration, because The Donald’s America First agenda is not very popular among the globalist left.

Obama is scheming via a network of leftist non-profit organizations led by Organizing for Action, which is all geared for battle with over 250 offices across the US.

This well funded yet not well known organization recruited young left wing activists since The Donald’s inauguration, declaring on its website that “we’re not backing down”, thus referring to their quest for salvaging Barack Obama’s legacy by drawing their lines in the sand on ObamaCare, immigration, climate change, race and religion.

As a former community organizer, Obama is heavily involved in Organizing for Action, some say even intimately, as he tweets using the group’s official Twitter account.

Basically, he gives his Organizing for Action troops marching orders following The Donald’s incredible victory. To quote Barack Obama himself during a conference call from the White House:

“It is fine for everybody to feel stressed, sad, discouraged. But get over it; move forward to protect what we’ve accomplished. Now is the time for some organizing. So don’t mope.”

Organizing for Action organized anti Trump protests and marches across the US, of which many have turned to riots. The so called non partisan  Organizing for Action is run by loyal Obama aides and old campaign workers.

Organizing for Action boasts over 32,000 volunteers nationwide and it raised over 40 million dollars in contributions and grants since 2013.

Obama will oversee  Organizing for Action’s actions (pun intended) from his newly bought mansion which is not 2 miles from the White House, a mansion currently being fortified via a tall brick perimeter. There’s also a taxpayer funded office nearby, which has its own press secretary and chief of staff.

Unlike other US Presidents, Obama still has some organizing to do before passing quietly into the night:

You’re going to see me early next year and we’re going to be in a position where we can start cooking up all kinds of great stuff. Point is, I’m still fired up and ready to go.

Source: New York Post