Obama Set to Punish Russia, Will Announce “Covert Cyber Ops” and Economic Sanctions

Russia Accused Officially of Election Hacking and “Election Interference” by Lame Duck President


The Washington Post reports that the Obama administration is very close to announcing a new series of economic sanctions, along with other measures (including covert cyber ops) aimed at punishing Russia for its alleged interference in the US Presidential elections.

Washington Post is once again quoting “sources” and “US officials” claiming that as early as the current week, the Obama administration is set to make an official announcement with regard to a new round of sanctions against Russia.

WaPo’s claimed sources have been quoted as saying that Obama was not capable of taking unilateral actions until now, considering the country’s current laws, hence the delay in the new package of sanctions aimed at punishing Russia.

Barack Obama is famous for previously signing (in 2015) an executive order which allows him to freeze the US assets of people living oversees, who have been engaged in cyber activities which have threatened the United States’s financial stability and/or national security.

According to a senior administration official, in order to punish the Russians for “election hacking” using the existing law (executive order that is) will require for the election infrastructure to be declared as  being critical infrastructure and also, the Obama administration must prove that the respective infrastructure was somehow harmed by the alleged cyber-attacks.

The US National Security Council said that these conditions have not been met (yet).

Barack Obama is very well known for comfortably legislating via executive action from the White House, meaning that laws are merely suggestions for the current administration.

Basically, the current “laws” only require Barack Obama to engage in some legalese acrobatics in order to use the DNC hack for expanding his executive powers and punish Russia for allegedly meddling into the US electoral process.

While the Democratic Party and Barack Obama are still working hard on all fronts on sabotaging the legitimacy of Donald Trump’s future administration, despite all their rhetoric and accusations, not a single person/intelligence official has gone on the record presenting/proving a single piece of intelligence/tangible evidence that it was those “pesky ruskies” behind the John Podesta/DNC email hacks.

Source: Washington Post