Obama’s FBI Wiretapped Manafort Since 2014

paul manafort wiretapped by obama fbi

If you’ve been following the Russia collusion conspiracy theory, here’s the latest bombshell: former Donald Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort has been wiretapped by Obama’s FBI since 2014 and all through the 2016 election, according to a CNN report.  So, it’s now official, Trump was right. Again.


Barack Obama’s FBI wiretapped Paul Manafort by using a secret court order before,during and after the 2016 election. The POTUS also has said he’s been wiretapped after the election. According to the CNN article, Paul Manafort has been wiretapped until early 2017, as he was still talking to the POTUS. Even if the evidence gathered by the wiretapping appears to be inconclusive, meaning that there’s nothing there, sources “familiar with the investigation” were quoted by CNN as saying that Paul Manafort “encouraged” (whatever that means) the Russians (very vague, there are 130,000,000 Russians to speak of) to help (in what way?) with Trump’s campaign.

Barack Obama’s administration used a FISA (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act) court order (basically a rubber stamp kangaroo court) to make Paul Manafort the subject of an investigation with regard to the latter’s connections to an Ukraine-based consulting company. Again, the investigation was conducted by the FBI since 2014, when Trump was not an issue. However, the surveillance was stopped after a while, due to guess what: a complete lack of evidence. In three years of wiretapping Manafort (and who knows whom else), the FBI found absolutely nothing to incriminate the man, but you wouldn’t think that reading the mainstream media.

Bottom line:

1) Trump was right. He was wiretapped.
2) They have nothing. Report says as much.
3) Mueller keeps threatening Manafort indictment but he has nothing as yet after three years of surveillance.

That is what I learned tonight. Trump campaign was in fact being wiretapped by the Obama administration, just like the POTUS claimed repeatedly. Susan Rice then un-masked everyone associated with Manafort. They spied on a presidential campaign under the ruse of some weak Russian conspiracy. It’s that simple, and the gloves are off.