Only 1.4 Percent of “Refugees” Arriving in Europe via Italy are from Syria

EU migrant crisis

According to Eurostat’s own figures, just a mere 1.4 percent of the so-called refugees arriving in the European Union via Italy are coming from war-torn Syria. The vast majority of illegal migrants arrive in the Old Continent from countries not at war, being nothing more than economic migrants engaged in welfare shopping.

These figures confirm what has been known for a long time, i.e. the fact that the vast majority of people flooding the EU are not refugees and they have no right to be there, living on taxpayer’s expense. The 1.4% figure was obtained by Westmonster via Eurostat. Eurostat is the European Union’s official body whose job is to provide vital statistics to the European Union bureaucracy.

However, Eurostat’s numbers underscore yet again how the true nature of the so-called European refugee crisis is totally misrepresented by left wing groups/NGO’s working in collusion with the mainstream media and politicians like Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel, not to mention Bruxelles’ unelected bureaucracy which keeps pushing what can be described as a population replacement program. A tiny 1.4 percent of asylum seekers arriving in Italy in the first 5 months of the current year were actually from Syria. Only 845 Syrian nationals applied for asylum in Italy, out of more than 58,000 arrivals between January and May.

Most of the migrants seeking a better life in Italy on the EU taxpayer’s dime passed through Libya, which is yet another country torn apart by civil war after “We came, we saw, he died”, i.e. since Qaddafi was ousted by dear leader and Nobel peace-prize winner Barry Obama together with his state-secretary Hillary Clinton. However, only 0.36% of the so-called refugees arriving in Italy are from Libya.

More than twenty percent of the refugees which are claiming asylum in Italy are from Nigeria, over nine percent arrived from Bangladesh, 7,5% are from Pakistan and Gambia boasts almost eight percent of asylum requests. Obviously, none of these countries are at war. So far, the European Union received almost a quarter  million asylum requests, of which a mere 14% were from Syrian nationals. And yes, the 14% figure includes assailants who just claim to be from Syria (read people with fake passports/IDs) in order to receive better treatment. Westmonster reports:

“To put that into context, the combined total of asylum seekers fleeing war in Syria and Libya is less than the combined total of those coming from Nigeria, Pakistan and, wait for it, Guinea,”

It’s obvious that the vast majority of those forcing the EU frontiers are not war refugees but welfare shoppers, abusing the naivety/pathological altruism of Western nations. However, the mainstream media refuses to report these figures, nor to acknowledge what the real situation is. Also, 85% of those who request asylum in Italy are men, most of them very young and able, and just 4% are minors; moreover, a mere 2.65% of the so called refugees are awarded asylum status in Italy as true-blue refugees.