Order Comes to West Wing as Kelly Tells Staff: Country first!

john kelly

The new White House Chief of Staff, the retired Marine Corps 4-star general John Kelly gave a speech on Friday in front of approximately two hundred WH aides, bringing them up to speed about the new sheriff in town and the new rules of engagement so to speak. John Kelly warned the White House staffers about the serious (legal) repercussions one may face with regard to leaking classified intel and reminded them about their first priority: to serve the POTUS, regardless of one’s political views.

According to mainstream media reports, Kelly said he did not really care how each White House staff member made it to the WH nor for how long has been with the Donald Trump camp, as they all share a common purpose, i.e. to serve at the pleasure of the POTUS. The retired Marine Corps general schooled the members of the staff about loyalty from a military point of view: America first, the POTUS second, whilst their individual priorities and needs should come last.

During his first week as Donald Trump’s new Chief of Staff (after replacing Priebus), John Kelly fired Anthony ‘Mooch’ Scaramucci, the White House former communications director. The Mooch, a former Wall Street banker stayed on the job just 10 days. According to Bloomberg, Kelly also fired two National Security Council aides (actually it was McMaster if memory serves), who were suspected of having their own agendas and also failed to respect the chain of command. The new White House Chief of Staff reportedly put an end to the “open door policy” to the POTUS’ Oval Office, a problem Reince Priebus was unable or unwilling to mitigate. The new “law of the land” with John Kelly is that all staff members and visitors who wish to meet Donald Trump must go through him first.

It is said that President Trump even allows his new Chief of Staff to take a look at some of his tweets prior to him firing them off to his huge following, which means that the Donald’s tweet storms may be soon a thing of the past.

Kelly is just what Trump needs, a gatekeeper and filter. Great team.

Photographer: Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images