Paris: A hammer-armed attacker shot down near Notre Dame Cathedral

French police shot and injured a man who attacked an officer with a hammer in Paris

Latest reports from French media confirmed that police has shot and injured a hammer-armed attacker who assaulted an officer near Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris.

The attacker was also armed with knives, French media say.

Regional police secretary said that the attacker attacked an officer who was hit in the head with a hammer, after which the police fired at the attacker. According to latest information, the attacker has been ‘neutralized’ and was then taken to hospital. The police published on Twitter that an “intervention” was taking place in the square in front of the cathedral.

People were asked to avoid the area.

Visitors who were inside the cathedral during and after the attack were not allowed to leave. The police secured the area, while a senior Paris city official said that 900 people were inside the cathedral.

A photo was posted on Twitter, showing visitors in the cathedral raising their hands, probably at the instruction by the police. Tourists inside the cathedral said they were trapped and they could hear police sirens outside.

A witness outside the cathedral, said: “I heard two explosions.”

France has been the target of several bloody terrorists attacks. The November 2015 Paris attacks left 130 dead and almost 400 injured. In July 2016, a cargo truck driver deliberately drove into crowds celebrating Bastille day in Nice, killing 86 and injuring almost 450 people.

The country has been in the state of emergency since November 2015.

Source: RT

Photo Credit: Reuters/Daily Express