Paris Terror: Attacker Dies After Driving Car Into Police Van

paris terror attack

Anti-terror security forces were called at the scene following a car exploding after being intentionally driven into a police van earlier on Monday on Champs Elysees in Paris, France. The attacker was not identified by name by French police, which is rather strange, considering that we already know he’s a 31 year old man living in Argentuil, a Paris suburb and he was flagged earlier by French security forces for “extremism”, which is code-word in politically correct new-speak for radical Islamic views.

The perpetrator died following the blast but fortunately, he was the only victim of the heinous attack. The bomb squad was deployed at the scene and investigators found explosives and an AK 47 assault rifle inside the vehicle. This seems to be the new normal in multicultural Europe…One may ask: aren’t assault rifles and explosives illegal in France? How could this have happened (I am being sarcastic, obviously)?

This makes for the second incident so far as per 2017 in one of Paris’ most popular avenues, Champs Elyesees, one of the city of lights most popular tourist attractions. Earlier in April, an ISIS operative shot and killed a policeman in the same area just a couple of days before the French presidential elections. Following a long string of deadly Islamic terrorist attacks, France is under a state of emergency for almost 2 years now (since Nov. 2015), with army forces deployed on the streets.





Our anonymous sources told us CNN is now assembling a panel to shift blame to Trump.

Via  Fox News