Pathetic: Special Counsel Mueller’s Indictment Against Paul Manafort on Monday Contains Key Error

The indictment filed by special counsel Robert Mueller on Monday against former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort contains a critical error, which is embarrassing to say the least. The document identifies Yulia Tymoshenko as being the former Ukrainian president. In reality, Yulia Tymoshenko was never president of Ukraine, but former prime minister.

The indictment against Paul Manafort and his protege Rick Gates contains numerous charges related to their lobbying work for a pro Russian Ukrainian party. Check out the document:


mueller indictment

18 top lawyers and their entire staffs, plus the entire force of the FBI and all their resources are in Mueller’s hands and he makes this lousy error in a very, very public document.

Don’t blame Mueller though, they were rushing to get this out the door and filed on Friday so that the Sunday Shows wouldn’t be talking about Hillary and the DNC funding the Russian dossier all weekend long.

Also, the statute of limitation runs out at the end of October, hence they had to hurry and get the charges filed; moreover, they had to go back to at least 2010 to find something that is not even related to the 2016 campaign. And by the way, the indictment does not mention Trump and his campaign anywhere.

As a quick factoid, Yulia Tymoshenko was Ukraine’s prime minister on 2 separate occasions, in 2005 then between 2007 to 2010; afterwards she served time in jail on corruption charges, but let that go.

Mueller’s sealed (and leaked) charges filed today is his way of distracting the media from the real crimes. But it won’t work, not to mention that Mueller’s leaking of the indictment may be cause for a mistrial. If memory serves, leaking the indictment is prosecutorial misconduct and the reason for which Hillary Clinton was disbarred.

Let’s get back to the Obama, Mueller, Podesta, Comey, Hillary and Bill connections to sell US uranium to Putin and receive huge “donations” to the Clinton mob foundation in the process.

You can tell from the names that Mueller will conduct a fair investigation:

1. Rosenstein headed the FBI investigation into Uranium One. Now he’s the deputy Attorney General who hired Mueller as special counsel to investigate Trump campaign.

2. Eric Holder was head of the Obama’s DOJ during the Uranium One deal

3. Mueller was FBI director under Obama, now he’s investigating Trump/Russia collusion.

4. Weissmann was Mueller’s prosecutor back in 2009 when the FBI investigation into Uranium One and Russia was going on. Now he is investigating Russia influence again working for Mueller.

5. McCabe was assistant FBI director while Mueller was head of the FBI and became deputy Director when Comey took over in 2013. McCabe along with U.S.Attorney Rosenstein supervised the Uranium One Russian investigation.

6. James Comey was FBI director in 2013, said nothing about the FBI
investigation on Uranium One Deal (corruption, bribery etc), kept it a secret even from Congress.

For further reference, read this piece: Trick or Treat: First Charges in the Russia Probe are a Bad Joke.