Paul Ryan, Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush Took Campaign Cash from Soros

george soros

The vast majority of top Republicans who fought against Donald Trump in the 2016 election received donations from George Soros.

Lindsey Graham, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, John McCain and Jeb Bush, all received tens of thousands of dollars via a hedge fund operated by the left Democratic party mega-donor George Soros.

The money were donated by the respective hedge fund employees according to donation records which were studied and compiled by the Center of Responsive Politics.

The Soros Fund Management was first founded as a hedge fund by George Soros himself way back in 1969 but today it’s basically an investment management company. Being one of the most profitable in the industry, the Soros Fund Management’s employees are involved in giving millions of dollars to political candidates and groups who supported Hillary Clinton for presidency in 2016.

However, according to the Center of Responsive Politics, the Soros Fund Management which is now run by Robert Soros, the billionaire’s son, together with funneling giant amounts of cash to the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton also pumped important sums into the campaigns of anti Donald Trump REPs all through 2016.

The Soros founded firm sponsored the aforementioned GOP candidates with $36,800 just this past cycle, but the relatively small sum doesn’t include campaign committees or Super PACS, which were also funded with tens of thousands of dollars.

Even if these figures look pretty insignificant compared to the tens of millions George Soros poured into Hillary Rodham Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, it’s important to see how his executives are also playing inside the Republican party.

And it’s worth noticing what type of REP candidates George Soros chooses to support with his “hard earned” (pun intended) money: pro open borders, pro amnesty and basically anti Trump, or what some folks describe as Democratic operatives inside the Republican Party.

The largest recipient of Soros Fund Management money is obviously Paul Ryan, the House Speaker who tried to undermine Donald Trump repeatedly during his election campaign. Ryan received $10,800 from the Soros Fund Management executives.

Source: Center for Responsive Politics