Pentagon Defies President Trump: Will Allow Transgenders To Enlist!

Pentagon to allow transgenders

Despite President Trump’s opposition, the Pentagon will continue to allow transgender individuals to enlist in the US military starting from January 1st 2018. Pentagon’s policy can be explained by the increasing legal pressure and the difficult problems the Federal government would have to mitigate with regard to President Trump’s executive order that demands banning transgender people from enlisting in the military. This happens only five months after President Trump banned transgenders from joining the US military:

According to Williams Institute, which is an UCLA based  think tank focused on LGBT issues, transgenders are vastly over represented in the US military. According to their latest estimate , there are approximately 15,500 transgender men and women currently serving in the US military, not to mention an extra 134,300 transgender veterans. Considering these factoids and provided the estimates are correct, the US military is basically the largest employer of transgender individuals in America. And if you wonder why transgenders are flocking to serve in the US military, well, the answer may be extremely expensive medical procedures paid by Uncle Sam on the American taxpayer’s dime.