Pentagon’s Super-Secret UFO Hunting Program Revealed

Pentagon ends UFO program

If you’re a fan of the X-Files, don’t worry, so are those serious cats living inside the Pentagon. If you don’t believe me, well, you must learn that the Pentagon just acknowledged (officially) the existence of a super-secret program, a multi-million dollar black ops of sorts, aimed at investigating UFO sightings from all around the world, but with an emphasis on the land of the free, home of the brave. So, yes, the (illegal) aliens are real and the truth is out there, sponsored by taxpayers dollars.

According to government officials, more specifically the Defense Department, the secret program was ended back in 2012, but you know how these guys are, i.e. trust no one working for the government, to quote agent Mulder. The failing New York Times actually reported that the program is still up and running . Dubbed Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program, the program ran from 2007 to (at least) 2012 and had 22 million dollars/a year in funding.

There are countless documents depicting UFO sightings, including unidentified aircraft moving incredibly fast and with no visible signs of classical propulsion (like, reactive jets), or hovering strangely with no obvious means of lift and so forth and so on. The NYT article also mentions (video-taped) encounters between US military aircraft and UFOs, which were examined, analyzed and probably put in a big cardboard box by a thin smoking man with a deep voice. As per the DoD, the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program is now over:

“The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program ended in the 2012 timeframe. It was determined that there were other, higher priority issues that merited funding and it was in the best interest of the DoD to make a change. The DoD takes seriously all threats and potential threats to our people, our assets, and our mission and takes action whenever credible information is developed.”

If you ask me, this sounds like a glorified taxpayer payment to one of Harry Reid’s buddies. The thing is, the program was created and founded at the initiative of Senator Harry Reid, who is a UFO enthusiast according to the NYT article. And a large chunk of taxpayer money (most of them actually) was spent by a company run by a billionaire entrepreneur and longtime friend of Reid, Robert Bigelow respectively.