Philadelphia Teachers Plan Black Lives Matter Week

Philadelphia teachers plan to hold “Black Lives Matter” starting the week after Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday.

The Caucus for Working Educators is planning to have a “Black Lives Matter Week of Action.” This event will take place beginning January 23. It’s goal is to educate students on the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The Caucus for Working Educators is a union that works to improve educational conditions for kids in the Philadelphia area. They are made up of people from diverse backgrounds.

According to The Caucus’ Tamara Anderson, The goal of the “Black Lives Matter Week” is to “bring attention to the 13 guiding principles of the Black Lives Matter Movement.” Teachers are encouraged to teach these principles to the students throughout the week.

Black Lives Matter Week

The “Black Lives Matter Week” is designed to act as an extension of the African-American history requirement. The Caucus isn’t yet sure how many different schools will be participating.

Tamara Anderson has said that the teachers will focus on “restorative justice, empathy, and loving engaged…diversity and globalism, transgender-affirmed, queer-affirming, and collective value.”

Teachers will be encouraged to wear Black Lives Matter t-shirts and buttons throughout the week to show their solidarity with the movement. Amy Roat, an educator at the Feltonville School of Arts stated that one of the major goals is to get her students engaged in current events. She wants to help them learn about other types of people.

“Black Lives Matter functions with 13 principles that I think are good and healthy for kids to learn about.”

Black Lives Matter Movement

The Black Lives Matter movement was created in 2014 as a response to multiple high-profile unarmed shootings of black men by police officers. At first, it was a social media phenomenon. Then, it grew into an activist organization.

Since its inception, the Black Lives Matter movement has been met with both praise and criticism. Many support the organization because of its work in bringing awareness to police misconduct. Its critics have accused the organization of fomenting violence and espousing leftist ideas.

Philadelphia’s “Black Lives Matter Week” was inspired by a similar program in a Washington school district. Participants hope that other school districts will adopt the program as well.

Source: NYC Daily News