Police: 15 yo Chicago Teen Gang Raped on Facebook Live

40 Viewers, Cops not Called

According to Chicago police, a 15 year old girl was raped by a group of 5 or 6 men or boys who streamed the assault on Facebook live. Even if there were more than 40 viewers watching the horror show, none of them bothered to call 911 to report the crime.

This is the second time when an attack is streamed live on Facebook in Chicagoland and the police has to investigate the incident post factum. According to Chicago police, what’s very disturbing about this latest sex-assault is that despite a significant number of viewers watching the stream, nobody reported it.

The raped 15 year old girl was reported missing on Sunday as she failed to return home after paying a visit to a local store. Soon thereafter, her uncle started his own investigation about the girl’s whereabouts on the internet and he ended up discovering the Facebook Live video stream depicting a group of men raping his niece.

The Chicago police did not reveal the girl’s name, as she was discovered on the streets earlier on Tuesday, 4 blocks away from her home. The girl was questioned by the detectives working the case and she said she knew at least one of the rapists. However, no arrests have been made so far, which is very curious to say the least.

According to authorities, the girl appeared to be in satisfactory physical condition and she was returned to her family (single mother). Facebook took down the video at the police department’s request.

Just a couple of months ago in January, the Chicago Police investigated another attack that was streamed live on Facebook, this time involving 4 black men filming themselves with their smartphones while beating and abusing a “mentally disabled” white man while shouting anti Donald Trump and racial slurs.

It seems like there’s a growing trend to live-stream heinous deeds on social media, things like suicides, murders and gang rapes and one may wonder why tech giants like Google, Facebook and YouTube do not use their face recognition software tools/high tech algorithms to catch these horrible videos before they’re published online and viewed by God knows how many kids.

However, the same social media giants are doing a great job with censoring and blocking “politically incorrect” (as in conservative) content, which means that they just don’t care much about blocking /preventing content like rape, pedophilia and crime to be published on their platforms.

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Source Fox NewsChicago Tribune

Photo: Reuters