Police Estimate 20,000 British Men Are Exploring Pedophilia Online

20,000 British Men Are Exploring Pedophilia Online

The latest data from UK Metro Police reveals that the country is confronted with a massive child abuse problem. According to estimates via Simon Bailey, who’s Britain’s top cop with regard to child-protection issues, i.e. he’s the lead man of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, his latest investigation into UK’s online pedophilia chatrooms concluded that there are over 20,000 Brits which show sexually interest in children online.

This startling revelation was made during an interview for the Guardian. According to Simon Bailey, the number of online-pedophiles is exploding due to recent tech advancements, which provide huge opportunities when it comes to getting access to children, while law enforcement doesn’t have the resources to combat this horrible problem. Simon Bailey has  said, but let me quote exactly:

We are having to prioritize the threat. Some lower-level offenders cannot be arrested and taken to court. There is just not the capacity.”

Simon Bailey’s claims/estimates are corroborated by a recent  analysis which has found a 31% increase in reported cases of child abuse in 2016. The analysis was performed by a child-protection charity group, but British authorities claim that the spike in child abuse cases is due to increased awareness and a greater willingness to report these issues. However, Bailey says that even if there is such a thing as increased awareness, live chatrooms like Facebook Live and Periscope (owned by Twitter) are the main culprits:

“I think there is more sexual abuse of children being perpetrated both physically and virtually. There are more men than five to 10 years ago who are trying to abuse children. I believe there are tens of thousands of men that are now going into chatrooms and forums with a view to grooming children,=, Technology has afforded an access to children that people who have a sexual interest in children never had before.”

explained Bailey, while insisting that tech companies have a responsibility when it comes to policing their platforms to prevent the exploitation of children:

“Software providers have a critical role in policing the environment they create. They have a social and moral responsibility to make their platforms safe for children to use.”