Police Shootings and Identity Politics

justine damond

I will begin this article with “last week’s news”, last weekend respectively, when Justine Damond, a forty year old Australian woman called 911 to report an incident in progress near her house in Minneapolis. According to the 911 call, the woman believed there’s an assault underway outside her home. However, when the police arrived at the scene, Justine ended up getting shot and killed by one of the officers, Mohamed Noor, a Somali-Muslim immigrant.

The shooting itself was very controversial, as the officer shot the woman point blank from inside of the police vehicle, as Justin Damond, in her pajamas, went do the driver’s side-door and she was talking to his partner. Noor’s partner was shocked by the shooting, there’s an investigation underway, but that’s not the point of this article. While there are many questions to be answered about this unfortunate incident, it must be noted that the initial details have all the ingredients required for the mainstream media to paint it as just another flagrant abuse of force and a clear sign of police brutality.

However, the mainstream media was very hush hush about the incident, and there were no activists burning the city nor marching and chanting the streets in Minneapolis. Obviously, Black Lives Matter couldn’t care less about a defenseless white woman getting shot and killed for no reason by a black police officer.

You see where this is going, right? The deafening silence and the lack of reaction from the “usual suspects” is due to the fact that this shooting reversed the roles (goes to propaganda) with regard to one’s race being victimized, i.e. the victim is a white woman, while the killer is a black (and Muslim on top) man.

Actually, the narrative that emerges from the fake-news media and Minneapolis officials alike is about the Somali community in Minneapolis. See, those poor guys may be persecuted in the future following the shooting of a white woman by one of their ilk. However, each time a white police officer shoots a suspect over contended circumstances, there’s never such concern from the mainstream media regarding the white community which may be receiving grief and the whole nine yards.

Jeff Bezos’ blog published an article a couple of days ago running the headline “After Minneapolis officer in police shooting is named, Somali community braces for backlash. The article pushes the mantra about America being increasingly islamophobic (following Donald Trump’s election of course) and speaks about poor innocent blacks shot by white racist cops. Apparently, we shouldn’t have to worry about Somali officers shooting white women, even Aussies. The same article in the WaPo claims that it was wrong to identify the Somali officer by name and ethnic background, even if this was never a problem when it came to other highly-controversial shootings, especially the ones involving white cops shooting minorities.

A number of leaders of the Somali Minneapolis-community claim that reporting the facts may create animosity toward the Somali community and other Somali policemen are now feeling nervous. The WaPo piece conveniently forgets to mention how the Somali police officer already had 3 complaints filed against him during his less than 2 years on duty, but they highlighted how he was celebrated in his community as being the first Somali-Muslim cop in Minneapolis. Similar stories portraying the Somali cop in a very positive light were pedaled by The Minneapolis Star Tribune and Reuters.

This is what the mayor had to say:



i.e. that the interests of the Somali community are his top priority in the investigation to follow the shooting of an unarmed white woman by a Somali cop. These reactions are eerily similar to what happens in the aftermath of an Islamic terrorist attack: political leaders and mainstream media start condemning islamophobia and racism and there are demands for peace and understanding during the investigation and so on and so forth.

And that’s the complete opposite to what happens when the roles are reversed, i.e. when a white cop shoots, let’s say a black suspect. In this case, the mainstream media and political leaders are doing their best to whip up a frenzy in the affected community, hysteric accusations of police tyranny and racism abound, you know what I am talking about.

In contrast, the Minneapolis shooting is treated antithetically, with Noor being praised and receiving the royal treatment, with the mainstream media portraying him as a good man and well respected by his community, regardless of the prior (multiple) complaints against him, not to mention the shooting of an unarmed woman. I have no doubt the story would have looked much different if a white Australian cop would have shot and killed an unarmed Somali woman. Just imagine the protests in the streets, the city burned, cops assaulted (and maybe killed, remember Austin?) etc. I also doubt the media would have asked for calm and sympathy for the Australian immigrant community, nor they would have mentioned the policeman’s good deeds from the past (real or imaginary).

It would have been just another blockbuster news story about the “raciss” police murdering a black/a minority. After witnessing the mainstream media reaction to the shooting of Justine in comparison to other high-profile cases, the likes of Michael Brown or Freddie Grey, you are beginning to understand how the “system” works by pushing stories that match their preferred racial narrative.

The Cultural Marxist indoctrination – which teaches that minorities are always the oppressed and majorities the oppressors – is very strong in the legacy media. That’s why you can’t trust them because they are pushing an identity-politics-fueled narrative rather than acting as objective truth seekers.

Muslim Somalians trump blonde Aussies on the identity-politics fueled victim-ladder, you see. I believe in equality. Whites in MN should start burning down their own neighborhoods to show support for diversity, right?