POLL: Americans Trust Trump More Than News Media

Mainstream Media Fails Again

According to a very recent poll conducted by Emerson College, 49% of American voters believe President Donald Trump’s administration to be truthful yet only 39% trust the mainstream news media.

Another piece of bad news for the 4th estate or what used to be called the opposition party (not so much in the Obama era) is the fact that 53 percent of Americans described the mainstream news media as untruthful.

The poll was released earlier this week on Tuesday and it also reveals how American voters are divided regarding President Trump’s performance so far, with 48% of registered voters approving what The Donald has done so far and 47% disapproving.

Keep in mind that this is just another poll and it must be taken at face value. The point is, the mainstream media and the pollsters did a horrific job last year, failing miserably on all their predictions about Donald Trump, ranging from his chances to become the GOP nominee to his 0 chances of winning the Presidency. And yes indeed, they were all wrong, obviously.

What’s very interesting in this writer’s opinion and a tell-tell sign about the “accuracy” of this poll is the huge percent of Americans who regard the mainstream media as truthful. I mean, 39% percent? Really? Seriously, let’s get real folks, who are these people?

The pollsters questioned 617 registered voters from February 5th to February 6th.

One may wonder, with all the glaring evidence with regard to mainstream media’s fake news narrative and corruption, not to mention its collusion with the Democratic party (read Wikileaks), it’s clear that the claimed 39% of Americans trusting the news media is highly over-estimated or these people are so indoctrinated that they refuse to consider any type of information which doesn’t fit with their world view.

The poll also revealed some bad news for President Trump’s senior adviser Kellyanne Conway, that only 39% of American voters have a favorable view of her.

Source:  Emerson College

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