POLL: Americans’ View on Robert Mueller Sours

mueller russia collusion

According to a very recent poll, even if Robert Mueller was a real life hero in the mainstream media due to his 7 months old probe into the Russia collusion conspiracy theory, one in three Americans have no idea who he is or they don’t have an opinion on the issue. Also, many Americans are beginning to wake up to the facts (there are none) and make up their own minds about how they regard Robert Mueller. For example, the number of people who had a neutral view on Robert Mueller back in June was 28%, while the same figure in December is now 15%, i.e. almost half of what it used to be a few months ago.

Even if the net positive view on Mueller and his investigation has declined, there are still more Americans as per the poll who view the special counsel positively rather than negatively. Yet, the trend is that some Americans are beginning to get bored and sour on an investigation which seems to have no end in sight, despite spending millions of dollars of taxpayer money and indicting a few people on technicalities not related to the so-called Russian interference in the 2016 election. To quote from the WSJ piece:

Mr. Mueller has swung to a net positive view in the poll of 7 points in December from 13 points in June.

Still, the December poll suggests the public’s view on Mr. Mueller is poised to keep shifting, and possibly wildly. That’s because 36% of those polled have no opinion of him yet.

Despite all these, the Democrats are still talking about impeachment. And this is exactly why the Liberal Democrats won’t hold power again for years and years to come. They have no ideas and offer nothing to adult conversations. The DEMs have been conspiring to impeach Trump since election night. And it’s a despicable act driven by losing an election, nothing more.