Poll: Majority of Americans Believe Obama Admin Spied on Trump

Poll: Majority of Americans Think Obama Admin Spied on Trump

According to a recent IBD/TIPP poll,  a majority of Americans believe that Obama’s administration improperly surveilled Donald Trump’s presidential campaign back in 2016. The poll reveals that despite mainstream media’s efforts to keep them in the dark about the deep state surveillance issue, 31% of Democrats, 55% of Independents and 87% of Republicans believe that Barack Obama illegally spied on Trump during the 2016 election cycle.

The Donald tweeted last March:

According to the poll, 55%, i.e. a clear majority, believe it is likely that Barack Obama’s administration “improperly surveilled the Trump campaign during the 2016 election.” Moreover, 54% of those polled would like for a special counsel to investigate whether the DOJ and the FBI spied on Trump campaign in 2016 in an illegal manner. 74% or Republicans and 50% of Independents would like for a special counsel to be appointed, and the same goes for 44% of Democrats, which is quite amazing. Now, what does this poll show us? For once, it seems that slowly but surely, people are waking up to the desert of reality.

The truth is that even the leftists know Obama and his administration were corrupt. The only issue with them is, they are corrupt too and misery loves company.  Provided the poll numbers can be trusted, it appears like 69% of Democrats still think whatever the mainstream media and the DNC tell them to think, while the other 31% are wondering what happened to their party.

Also, this poll is very interesting with regard to how Americans view the mainstream media (goes to credibility), as given the demographics of the respective poll, a significant percentage of those questioned still get their news from the MSM.