Poll Shows Angela Merkel Losing Chancellorship If Elections Held Today

The End for Mutti Merkel?

According to a shock poll released on Monday, Angela Merkel should start reconsidering its suicidal open borders policies as she may very well be losing the next election cycle.

The new data shows that Angela Merkel would lose a federal election to former European Union president Martin Schulz in the theoretical scenario of a snap election called “today”.

But that’s only the beginning, as according to a different poll unveiled recently, Merkel’s CDU party would get just 30% of the popular vote, while the resurgent SPD would take 31%.

Combining the two sets of data and considering that SPD’s leader is the aforementioned Martin Schulz, you can understand why Angela Merkel has a huge problem.

To put things into perspective, SPD’s new leader Martin Schulz is now running the biggest party in Germany (according to the polls) and that means he can enter into coalition talks, thus becoming Germany’s new Chancellor.

The opinion poll was taken by INSA on Monday afternoon and it shown how Martin Schulz’s SPD was gaining support rapidly among the Germans, overtaking Merkel’s CDU/CSU by a small margin (for now) for the first time in decades.

According to the INSA poll, if elections were held today, the CDU would get 30% and the SPD would get 31%. It doesn’t look like much for now, but things will probably get worse in the future for Merkel, especially if Germany will be faced with more Islamic terrorism and more refugees.

Merkel’s approval rating took a nose dive after it was revealed by the Federal Ministry of Finance that German taxpayers will have to spend 43 billion Euros for the 2016-2017 migrant budget.

Currently, Merkel passed laws which ban immigrant family reunions for 2 years among other things, but the terror sprees and large scale sex attacks together with a number of horrific crimes perpetrated by the refugees in Germany have led to (hardly reported by the German media) protests on the streets.

Source: Express