Pope Claims Illegal Migrants Are More Important Than National Security

Pope Francis

Pope Francis has made a number of pro open-border remarks during his speech on Monday, a speech delivered in the wake of the Barcelona Islamic terrorist attack, claiming that illegal migrants entering the European Union by the millions are more important than national security.

Pope Francis urged governments to open wide their borders to migrants, regardless of national security/common sense concerns. Speaking like a true globalist (I think George Soros wrote his speech), Pope Francis was quoted as saying:

“The principle of the centrality of the human person… obliges us to always prioritize personal safety over national security,”

What about the personal safety of Europeans/Americans?

The pontiff delivered these pearls of wisdom in the aftermath of a series of bloody Islamic terrorist attacks targeting EU countries (Spain, the UK, France, Germany and Finland), including the recent truck-attack in Barcelona-Spain from last week which left fifteen dead. The Pope said:

“Let us beg the Lord, God of mercy and peace, to free the world from this inhuman violence,”

Praying’s not gonna’ do it. The non-stop terrorist attacks don’t seem to derail this guy’s aggressive rhetoric for open borders and population replacement.

“In countries of arrival, [I hope that] migrants may be offered freedom of movement, work opportunities, and access to means of communication.”

It doesn’t matter that most of these migrants are illiterate in their own language and they don’t have basic skills.

“Collective and arbitrary expulsions of migrants and refugees are not suitable solutions,”

dixit the Holy See.

This globalist-activist Pope should stick to religious matters and stay out of politics. The safety of a nation is a higher priority than the wishes of the migrants that want to come there.

I would also like to know how many migrants are currently “safe spaced” behind those guarded walls of Vatican city. I mean, except from the Pope (he’s from Argentina).

CNS photo/Paul Haring