Portland ‘Sanctuary’ Releases Felony Illegal Who Then Rapes Elderly Woman

portland sanctuary city

A sex assault suspect recently released from jail last year (without alerting ICE) was arrested again on July 24th after sexually assaulting a woman and running away from the police. According to police officials, 31 year old Sergio Jose Martinez, was deported (at least) 20 times from the United States and he was previously accused of breaking into a sixty-five year old woman’s house, raping her, assaulting her and stealing her car; well, this guy was recently released from jail in 2016 by the very progressive liberal-authorities in Portland (a sanctuary city).

Even if Immigration and Customs Enforcement asked Portland authorities to notify them prior to releasing Sergio Jose Martinez, so ICE could take him into custody, Portland officials ignored ICE’ request and the felon was released into the community. 31 year old Sergio Jose Martinez has a long history as an illegal alien in the United States, as he has been deported at least twenty times while he has been a transient in the Portland area and he has at least 5 probation violations for illegally entering the US.

Moreover, earlier in 2017, Sheriff Mike Reese and Multnomah County leaders released an open letter to their community saying that, let me quote:

“The Sheriff’s Office does not hold people in county jails on ICE detainers or conduct any immigration enforcement actions.”

Before getting arrested on July 24th on rape charges, Sergio Jose Martinez had a felony conviction for burglary and a number of misdemeanor convictions for theft, battery and obstructing a police officer. He is also a methamphetamine addict (he’s using it on a daily basis). This guy is now accused of 2-counts of first degree robbery, first degree kidnapping, second degree sexual assault, first degree sex abuse/sodomy and first degree burglary. Sergio Jose Martinez entered a 65 year woman bedroom on Monday morning and raped her, beat her and stole her phone together with her 2011 Toyota Prius. Later that day, a 911 call reporting a disturbance between a man (Sergio Jose Martinez again) and a woman in a parking garage led to our hero’s arrest as he was assaulting another woman at knife point.

It seems like President Trump was  one hundred percent right about the border-wall, the crackdown on sanctuary cities and especially about “they’re not sending their best” thingy. Truth be told, the real number of illegal aliens in the US is anyone’s guess, and many of them are committing violent crimes, not to mention identity theft fraud, tax evasion, food stamp-housing and welfare fraud, driving unlicensed, uninsured and drunk and so on and so forth. In Texas alone during a 6 year period, illegal aliens committed 7500 rapes and 3000 murders.

Reality 1, Diversity 0.
Thank you Multnomah County, the Multnomah County Sheriff and the City of Portland, the pansy mayor and the worthless Police Bureau for providing a haven for criminals, failing to enforce the law and giving sanctuary to criminals.