Post-Election Protests in Paris, Hundreds Clash With Police

Demonstrators in Central Paris gathered to protest against President-elect Emmanuel Macron

Post-vote protests erupted in central Paris on Monday, day after the Presidential election run-off in which the independent centrist Emmanuel Macron defeated Marine Le Pen to become France’s new President.

Protesters gathered to express their disapproval of new labor reforms, as well as their discontent with the newly elected President.

He is not our president”, “Say No to the new labor reform!”, “Say No to repression”, read the banners held by demonstrators.

Riot police and demonstrators clashed in the streets, and several people were detained. The rally saw representatives of trade unions, left wing groups, as well as anti-fascists and anarchists gather together to protest against Macron – former Economy Minister and investment banker.

It’s not a president, it’s a CEO who was elected”, said Michael Wamen from a branch of the General Confederation of Labor in Macron’s native city of Amiens.

En Marche! is pushing towards social war said another banner held by protesters. After Macron resigned his ministerial post in the government of Francois Hollande, he created a movement ‘En Marche’ and announced his candidacy as an independent candidate.

Macron said he is neither left nor right, and advocated economic reform. However, large parts of French voters distrust Macron who is perceived as a neo-liberal because of his links with big business.

Protests in Paris were partly organized by the Front Social political movement.

The next President of the Republic is already preparing his anti-social policy, the movement wrote on its Facebook page,We… tell him that we will not let him implement his policy.

Source: RT

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