POTUS Blasts Democrats on Twitter: ‘DACA is Probably Dead!”

Trump DACA is DEAD

President Trump went on to Twitter on Sunday and blasted DEM lawmakers for failing to negotiate a compromise deal with the GOP with regard to the future of Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional DACA program:


Trump and his administration have been involved in negotiations with Democrats for months now over DACA, the Obama era protections for illegal aliens brought by their parents to the US as children. President Trump put the kibosh on DACA on September as per his campaign promise and told the Congress that if they so desire to keep the protections on, they must put an end to the diversity visa lottery system and also to chain migration. On top of that, the POTUS demanded funding for the border wall.

Democrats have threatened to shut down the government on January 19th if a compromise on DACA will not be reached in due time. Trump want a merit based immigration system, as opposed to what many “progressives” seem to regard as best for America, i.e. the current system, centered on family reunification and country of origin.

Negotiating something that’s unconstitutional in the first place goes against the spirit of the Constitution and our system of government and laws.

If DACA is dead, that’s a good start towards the enforcement of current immigration laws.


He never intended for DACA to survive. He wanted the DEMsto take the blame. We just witnessed a class in “Art of the deal”.

Remember just last week when the pessimists’ thought the President had sold out on DACA and The Wall? .Every instinct Trump has proves to be correct. His judgement is impeccable and his style is the only style that could have ever broken through the left-wing media complex.

Remember how Trump played the media over and over during his campaign?

The man gives the appearance of flip-flopping in order to keep his opponents off guard. Just like Jeff Sessions. Trump and Sessions allowed the media (both liberal AND conservative) to make up stories about a rift between them. Trump even fed it with a tweet asking why his AG wasn’t going after Hillary Clinton. All this after early in his term stating that he did not intend to go after her. He even said, “She went through a lot and suffered greatly in many different ways.” Does anyone actually believe at this point that Trump and Sessions were not playing this game to keep the MSM heat off of Jeff so he could go about his investigations?

Now we find out that Sessions and Horowitz have been working on a parallel investigation to Mueller’s regarding foreign influence peddling in the government, and they’ve re-opened the investigations into Uranium One, Hillary’s mail server, and the Clinton Foundation. Does anyone believe that opening all three investigations just as Horowitz’ investigation is wrapping up is a coincidence?

Trump is too crafty for the media to keep up with him. I have learned to not trust any media outlet and just hang on for the ride. Trump’s presidency is like the wildest roller-coaster ride!