POTUS Drops Hilarious Nickname on DEM Senator Dick Durbin, Accuses Him of Killing DACA Deal

trump dicky durbin

President Trump went 3 for 3 on Monday and dropped a hilarious nickname on Democratic Senator Dick Durbin as punishment for the latter leaking the contents of a private Oval Office meeting last Thursday. Here’s the Monday tweet:


Dicky Durbin is now joining the illustrious club of Trump’s forever-nicknamed victims, together with ‘crooked Hillary’, ‘sloppy Steve Bannon’ and ‘sneaky Dianne Feinstein’, to name just a few. Senator Durbin was the chief negotiator on behalf of the Democrat party with the White House with regard to reaching an understanding/a deal to preserve DACA, the illegal/unconstitutional Obama-era executive order, which permitted illegal aliens brought to the US as children by their parents to work and prevented their deportation.

Dicky Durbin was revealed as the person who disclosed to the Washington Post what has been discussed privately and behind closed doors at Thursday’s bipartisan meeting, including President Trump’s alleged “shithole countries” comments. The thing is, Dicky is well known for his history of lying when it comes to what was said during private meetings. For further reference on the issue, check this out: Very Fake News: CNN Admits President Trump’s “Shithole” Remarks Were Twisted by Reporters.

I always called him “Turban Durbin” for his love of Muslims. A long time ago, Durbin made a wise crack about American troops at Abu Ghrab looking like SS concentration camp guards , and that generated the moniker. Back in the day, Americans were raised to be honorable. A handshake seals a deal, private meetings stay private, you do not lie, you love America. Obviously, Durbin was not raised with any values or integrity.  Anyone who can’t keep private conversations private will find he never is allowed into private conversations. If I were Trump, I would ban him from the Oval Office. Censured in the Senate is another good plan.

Photo Credit: Reuters